Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens  
Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats
  Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens  

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General Information regarding Peterbald Cats

Due to their unique characteristics and lack of hair, Peterbalds do require special care. They are an indoor cat and may require extra heating during the colder months. This can usually be achieved through the use of heat mat. Try not to let your cat go in the sun. He or she will get a bad sunburn in a very short amount of time.

Peterbald kitten Grooming
To keep a Peterbald clean, bath once a month and use Cat wipes or soft care baby wipes daily to wipe down their skin. Ultra bald cats are oilier and need more frequent bathing than the other coat types. However, overbathing can also lead to dry skin. Get them used to water so they are not scared to take a bath. Put them in clean warm water and just pour water on their body (make sure not to put any water in their ears and not to scare them). Pay special attention to keep the ears and nail beds clean as residue can build up quickly in these areas. The same is true of the webbing between their toes. Some cats may require daily cleaning of their tail to prevent blackheads.

When giving a bath have all your supplies open and ready. Wear thin winter gloves to bathe your animal. Winter gloves hold shampoo and help hold hairless kittens (these work better than facial gloves which can be too harsh on cats skin). Have a dry towel close by to wrap them in when done.

Hairless cats have a higher metabolism. They burn off calories quicker and they donít have as much hair as other cats. As a result, they lose body heat much quicker. They need a little extra help to stay warm and extra food to restore their fuel supply.

Be sure to keep their food dishes full at all times with dry food to make sure they get enough to eat. I also give them wet food 2 times a day. I use Blue Buffalo or Royal Canin dry food and Royal Canin or Wellness wet food. Wet food should be given 2 times a day and mixed with 1 teaspoon of Pumpkin pure( make sure there are no spices added). Also, once a day I mix small pieces of chicken or turkey breast in with the wet food. Wash the food and water dishes at least twice a week with soap and water. Make sure they always have a bowl of fresh water available.

Some hairless cats have no eye lashes so they tend to get a lot of junk in the corner of their eyes. The eyes should be wiped daily with a warm, moist wash cloth. Donít use soap or baby wipes. Thatíll make their eyes burn. Be sure to wash the cloth in between each use.

Ear Care
Some hairless cats don't have ear hair. They need to have their ears cleaned periodically. You can use Epi-Otic" by Virbac. Peterbald cats

In order to keep peterbalds' teeth in perfect condition and to reduce the accumulation of bacteria on teeth surface, I use Enzymatic toothpaste to clean their teeth once a day.

Have The Teeth Checked Annually
Bring your cat into the vet for an annual physical. It doesnít cost much and you can catch medical conditions before they get out of hand. Be sure to have the vet check their mouths for gum disease and for loose teeth. Most cats need to get their teeth cleaned once every 1, 2, or 3 years. Some need it less often but donít take any chances. Cats are vulnerable to mouth infections and may need their teeth pulled or may even die if a mouth infection spreads to their respiratory system.

Like other cats, Peterbald claws should be cut once or twice a month. To enable a peterbald to wear them down, it is good to provide your cat with a scratching post or cat furniture. You can wipe their nails (claws) each week. I use baby wipes because they have lanolin, which gets the nail residue off quickly and easily. You can either do it before or after clipping the nails. Experiment to see which way works best for your cat.

Children and other Pets?
They get on well with other cats and dogs and make ideal pets for children. They love to play and will be happy so long as the children aren't too rough with them.

Life Expectancy
This is a new cat breed, but having a look at the Oriental and Don Sphynx, we can safely assume that a well cared for cat will have a life expectancy of about 12 - 15 years.

If you are allergic to cats, the lack of coat does not necessarily mean that you will not be allergic to a Peterbald. Allergic reactions are triggered by different proteins-some may be from saliva, some from coat, and some from the skin dander. Make arrangements to spend time in the company of some Peterbalds to see if they trigger a reaction.

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