Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens  
Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats Peterbald cats
  Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens Peterbald kittens  

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The Russian Peterbald cats are a very intriguing, unique, softhearted and social cat of medium size with soft hairless wrinkled skin that feels hot and velvety to the touch. They are very good-natured and gentle, highly intelligent, easy to groom and handle, energetic, well tempered, and peaceful cats that love attention.
They make an excellent companion and family pet. This is a fantastic breed if you want an affectionate cat that has 4 personalities in one "dog, monkey, human and a cat"

History of the Peterbald Breed
Developed in St. Petersburg, Russia to be a svelte, elegant, hairless cat. The first Peterbalds were born in Russia in January 1994, the result of breeding an Oriental Shorthair (Radma vom Jagerhof) to a light-boned Oriental-looking Donskoy (Afinoguen Myth). The original litter demonstrated that the Peterbald (Donskoy) gene is a dominant gene, unlike the (Canadian) Sphynx gene. Typical of the breed are various unusual coat textures ranging from “hairless” to full “brush” coat to normal coat. While “hairless” cats are desired and preferable, the “brush” coat is essential to the Peterbald breeding program.

Peterbalds are unlike any cat you've ever seen. Once you have spent time with a Peterbald, you'll appreciate their beauty, playfulness and gentle nature.


Olga Mironova, inventor of the Peterbald breed
Olga Mironova (pictured on the right),
the lady who invented this breed.

The Peterbald cat breed is an exotic, graceful and elegant hairless cat breed that is unrelated to the Sphynx, as the gene that causes the hairlessness is different. Peterbalds have long bodies with long and dainty legs. The tail is long and whippy and the neck is slender and graceful. The ears are extra large and set very low on the head. The head is a long wedge shape that ends in blunt muzzle. The paws are oval shaped and have agile fingers and toes that the Peterbald uses to grasp objects.

The Peterbald coat is the single most important feature of the breed. A Peterbald may have a single coat type or it may have a combination of coat types. The Peterbald cats can either have Bald or Hairy coats. From the Bald coat, they can be divided into Ultra Bald, Flock or Chamois, and Velour. And the Hairy is divided into Brush or Straight.

Personality & Temperament
The Peterbald cat breed is a highly intelligent and affectionate cat breed. Inquisitive and playful, they will investigate anything and "assist" you with any of your tasks. This is a very active cat breed that does well playing on its own or involving you in a game of fetch. Ensure that you provide lots of different toys to stimulate and engage your cat. They are extremely devoted to their humans and do not do well on their own. It is worth considering another Peterbald should you have to leave your cat on its own for long periods of time. Peterbalds get on well with other pets and children. The lack of coat with a Peterbald does not guarantee that you will not be allergic. Spend some time with a Peterbald before getting one to see if they trigger any kind of allergic reaction.

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